South African Burn Society

Improving the lives of those affected by burn injury through patient care, education, research & advocacy

Dear Esteemed Colleagues

The South African Burn Society has a proud and strong legacy build on the intricate values of improving the holistic outcomes of burn patients. This is achieved by continually reinventing  itself, but remaining true to its core. Likewise, evidence based health care is ever evolving to improve patient care. The role of the multi-disciplinary team is widely published and accepted with each member of the team's unique role and skills being recognised globally. As such the South African Burn Society has embraced this inclusive paradigm and have allowed nurses and therapist to be included in its executive committee. Our diversity is proving to be our strength.

In recent weeks  it has come to our attention that the South African Burn Association was established and we therefore would like to address the matter and clarify the South African Burn Society's position.  Please see attached statement.Kind regards,Ethel

Official Statement 13 December 2017
Statement 13 December 2017.pdf (461.19KB)
Official Statement 13 December 2017
Statement 13 December 2017.pdf